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What Goes Around Comes Around

The online version of Electrical Contractor Magazine’s October 2012 issue has been posted. You can find the estimating article by clicking here or on the picture. The article talks about my journey into the ethics of this business, and what worked for me.

what goes around with credit

Ethics, Electrical Estimators and Vendors

The October issue of Electrical Contractor Magazine arrived in the mail today. It contains my first estimating article for the magazine. I will let you know when it is available online.

As usual, let me know what you think.

#$@! Electrical Specifications #4

Here is a new version of the “you are responsible for everything even if the engineer missed it” language. This is in a spec I was reading this morning.

“All contract documents including drawings, alternates, addenda and modifications and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and all other Division Specification Sections, apply to work of this section. All preceding and following sections of this
specification division are applicable to the Electrical Contractor, all sub-contractors, and all material suppliers.”

If I was to comply with this requirement, it would probably take over two weeks to finish a four plan sheet electrical estimate. Once again, make sure you have language in your proposals limiting your scope to what is shown on the electrical documents.

Big News (At least for me)

I know I know. I haven’t been posting much lately  Let me tell you why. Electrical Contractor Magazine has asked me to write their Estimating Column.  I accepted the assignment in a cool and dignified manner (ya right), and have turned in two articles so far. The first will be published in the October 2012 issue. The print version will hit the streets late October, and the online version will post a week or so after that at in the “At The Office” section.

I will post here when the print version comes out, and hope you will post your comments (good and bad) about the column.

Thanks for your support of this blog these last 3-1/2 years. I will continue to do shorter posts here as well as writing for EC Mag.

#$@! Electrical Specifications #3

Here is another specification I am getting tired of seeing – “EC shall review branch circuit and feeder lengths for compliance with articles 210.9(a)(1)FPN4 and 215.2(a)(3)FPN2 voltage drop requirements.”

And in the same spec, I found this one – “EC to ensure panels will fit in specified spaces before purchase of equipment.”

For the thirty years I’ve been estimating, these tasks have been the engineers job.  Now it’s ours? To me these are just more examples of engineers trying to get away with doing less work, and shifting the burden to electrical contractors.

Let me know what you think, and how you are dealing with this specification.