#$@! Electrical Specifications #4

Here is a new version of the “you are responsible for everything even if the engineer missed it” language. This is in a spec I was reading this morning.

“All contract documents including drawings, alternates, addenda and modifications and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and all other Division Specification Sections, apply to work of this section. All preceding and following sections of this
specification division are applicable to the Electrical Contractor, all sub-contractors, and all material suppliers.”

If I was to comply with this requirement, it would probably take over two weeks to finish a four plan sheet electrical estimate. Once again, make sure you have language in your proposals limiting your scope to what is shown on the electrical documents.


2 responses to “#$@! Electrical Specifications #4

  1. Good luck limiting your proposal to the electrical documents. I recently had an argument about an extra for 56 PTAC circuits that were not shown on the electrical drawings, because the outline of the unit was visible in the building background on the electrical plan. So we should have known it would require a circuit.

    • I just re-read this comment, and wanted to let you know that most state judicial systems have ruled that engineers have superior knowledge, and that if they can not get it on the drawings, your are not required to provide it.

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