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I Think I Like This One

This was in the same spec as the “Headlines” quote. At first, I thought it was another requirement for the electrical contractor to be responsible for the electrical engineering. However, upon reading this closer, it seems to be making the GC responsible.

“The contractor for this work is required to read the specifications and review the drawings of all divisions of work and is responsible for the coordination of this work and the work of all subcontractors with all divisions of work. It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide all subcontractors with a complete set of drawings.”

What do you think?

Jay Leno “Headlines” Specification

Here is a quote from a spec I read today.

“The installer shall inspect the work prior to installation”

I think he left out the word area between work and prior

Does this mean that you have to install the work, inspect it, remove it, and install it again?