Another $#!%&#@ Spec

One of my customers just told me about a new engineering side step he found in a specification. It reads “….. if our design does not meet code, the bidding contractors must re-deign to meet code.”

Maybe we should just get rid of the engineers. Is it possible we could change the way things are so the engineers work for the electrical contractor on every project? I know that’s the way design-build works. I don’t suppose that scenario would work on hard-bid projects.


2 responses to “Another $#!%&#@ Spec

  1. What the hell. Why not. We end up having to do a lot of it now for Title 24 in Calif. Every time we do it we’re letting them off the hook in re gards to liability. As contractors we are leaving ourself open. All it would take to stop it is for EC to say no, it the most engineer job, not mine. But a lot of EC’s are afraid to do that for fear of losing the job. Just get sued once for something that is really BS and tell me what you think. The lives that are affected and the hardship it can bring defend yourself. It sucks 11

  2. I know what you mean about Title 24. The engineers simply do not bother to design the control systems required by this code. For you lucky estimators that do not work in California, The Title 24 requires a fully networked lighting control system with motion sensors, daylight sensors and dimming of most loads. It also requires on/off control of about 50% of the receptacles in many areas of the building. It is a lot of takeoff for an estimator to bid on this system if it designed. The best I have seen since this code went into effect was a single line by the manufacturer, not the engineer.

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