More Grounding Woes

Here is the second time it seems I have to include a ground wire for each circuit in a multi circuit conduit.

Equipment grounding conductors for branch circuit home runs shown on the drawings shall indicate an individual and separate ground conductor for that branch circuit which shall be terminated at the branch circuit panelboard, switchboard, or other distribution equipment. No sharing of equipment grounding conductors sized according to the size of the overcurrent device and NEC Table 250.122 shall be allowed.

My customer interprets this as multiple ground wires. What do you folks think?


3 responses to “More Grounding Woes

  1. Charles Gladue Electrical service

    Yep, Ground for each branch circuit, for each over current device , no sharing

  2. That is what it seems to imply. At one point the conduit itself used to be considered a suitable path.

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