Estimating with Less Engineering

The January  issue of Electrical Contractor Magazine is available online. This month we talk about solutions for estimating problems with today’s drawings. Click on the magazine cover to go directly to the estimating article.


2 responses to “Estimating with Less Engineering

  1. Stephen, what is your branch avg method? I was taught back in the 80’s we can make a 5% mistake on branch and estimate will still be sound, no mistakes on feeders, switchgear, fixtures. Do you agree?

    • In regards to averaging branch, The owner of ConEst taught me to measure the homeruns, and average the fixtures and outlets, such as 20′ per receptacle or fixture. Since I was trained to measure branch, I am still uncomfortable using the averaging method, but I use it when needed. Yes, you can be a little loose on branch takeoff, but never on feeders, switchgear and fixtures.

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