The Slide Continues

The time of completely engineered bid documents continues to slide into the past. I have completed three estimates now where the HVAC feeders are not engineered. On one project, there were a few clues. On the other two, I had to go to the HVAC drawings to get the electrical information for each item. Where is this headed? What do you folks think?

2 responses to “The Slide Continues

  1. I have been estimating for 30 years now and the plans keep getting worst. No one wants to pay for a complete set of drawings. Let the subs figure it out at no cost to owner. Than they wonder why they have change orders on the job.

    • Thanks for your reply Greg. I am wondering how far this is going to go. Up to now, they have been making it harder to extract the data from the plans. With the HVAC, they are actually requiring us to do engineering in order to bid the job. This feels dangerous. What if they don’t like the way I sized the HVAC feeders? Do they have any authority to make us change what we engineered? And since we are not the engineer of record, who is responsible if something goes wrong?

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